US-based companies offering overweight tri-axle container drayage services

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American shippers are considered the best for many years for their logistics needs. American Shipper’s Dispatch is one of the best companies that specialize in providing overweight triaxle container drayage services. If you get a trucking company near New York, our company will be the one you can completely trust with shipping. 

It also depends on the weight of the freight you intend to ship out. You may need to use a tri-axle chassis which is mandatory for any overweight shipping container that is above thirty-six thousand pounds or one that is heavier than forty-four thousand pounds. A triaxle is a special piece of equipment that is required to securely transport goods whenever they need to go. It may cost you a lot of money, but that is something that is worth investing in. If you wish to protect the products that are being transported, you must pay extra money for them. 

American Shippers Dispatch services must allow you to understand the laws regarding overweight freight as well as to inform you of the most cost-effective solutions. We have the latest technology that allows the right equipment to load up the freight safely and to ensure that it is as secure as possible as it travels to where it needs to go. It is the best quality customer service you receive as the American Shippers Dispatch stands out as the top trend in the industry. 

The article will discuss everything from drayage carriers to chassis and triaxle trucks. It helps fill the gaps in intermodal shipping for goods that are being transported. The overweight tri-axle container drayage services can have any type of size and weight. Not only do they have the availability to haul the overloaded 20-inch containers for other carriers but they also provide equipment and truck size that fits the site and cargo requirements.

With the new featherweight tractors, chassis, and trucks. If you have an extra six thousand pounds of freight per container, you can import and export while being stranded at the port. Now the World Trade Center has the ability to dray the overweight container, transload the cargo and deliver heavy goods over chassis within the designated timeframe.

Through the overweight triaxle container drayage services, one can use the extensive triaxle chassis for heavy containers. The World Trade Container Drayage services are custom bonded that allow the movement of containers from rail to the Houston facility. The World Trade Center also provides intermodal drayage services to warehouses and port cities. It offers services that include freight management, container management, import, and export freight handling, warehousing, and storage. The transportation services you can facilitate not only involve:

  • Specialized Equipment
  • Transloading
  • Flatrack shipping
  • And Expedited shipping 

Here are the five best drayage companies:

J.B. Hunt Transport Services

It was founded by Johnie Bryan and Hunt. It has more than 12000 trucks and 100,000 containers. It is the largest drayage shipper in the United States by volume. While 90 percent of drays are controlled by the company, 100 percent is company-owned container stock. 

Schneider National

It started off in 1935 with a track record of providing shipping solutions. It has over 85 years of experience in transporting trucks, you can assure that Schneider will get your goods wherever they need to. It emphasizes transparency and control of your shipment while connecting you with logistics experts. There are third parties involved with added capacity whenever required. It also synchronizes supply chain issues.

Swift Transportation

It was formed by Carl Moyes. After acquiring Knight Transportation in 2017, Swift has become the largest trucking company in the United States. It has more than sixteen thousand trucks. While all trucks are equipped with satellite tracking and have the newest fleet in the industry you can focus on the service and door-to-door delivery to transport across borders. 

Hub Group

It started off in 1971 in Illinois by Philip Yeager. After becoming Hub Group in 1985, the company has expanded and acquired other trucking companies as well. It not only emphasizes technology, giving 24/7 information on shipment but it also provides nationwide door-to-door delivery. It has a wide variety of networks of trucks.

XPO Logistics

It was purchased and renamed by Brad Jacobs. XPO Logistics is the largest company in the world when it comes to generating revenue in the United States. While it was headquartered in Greenwich, it has locations across the world. There are 311 distribution centers within America. The services they provide are drayage, intermodal, expedited, and forward trucking. Not only does it have a large capacity with 11000 containers having access to 95000 and more such companies. It also has a focus on getting accurate quotes and providing the safest drayage companies. While there is satellite and GPS tracking available you also have site security which means you should not worry about any kind of theft.

With drayage companies, you can check out the factors that involve efficiency, cost saving, accuracy, proper handling of the cargo, and shipment tracking. There is also proper handling of cargo so that you can count that the goods will be delivered without any damage. You can also check out reviews to find out how the company will handle the goods. 

These are some of the US-based companies that are offering overweight triaxle container drayage services. 

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