Meet Briana Polk a local native of Statesboro, Ga and Veterinarian Tech student of Ogeechee Technical College 😁

Briana is one of our Transportation Coordinators and boy ol’ boy was she an addition to our growing team. Briana is QUICK… and consistent
Briana took an intertest to Supply Chain and Logistics when she and I met at a Entrepreneur conference at Ogeechee Tech several months ago
Briana has been apart of the team for a little over 3 months

Meet Calvin Wright commonly know as B. Wright 😁

Mr. Calvin’s passion for trucking begin in 1967 as a child he always dreamed to see the country by way of Trucking. Mr. Calvin has spent the last 30 years gratefully employed by Gulfstream
Through that opportunity Calvin has raised his 3 children with his beautiful wife. Now that everyone is grown and retirement is approaching, Calvin has chosen to become apart of the HD Drayage Team

Welcome aboard Mr. Calvin

Meet Keith Green aka MONEY GREEN😁

Mr. Keith’s journey as a driver started 20 years ago. Keith has been hauling and handling freight since the early 90’s. Since then Keith has continued to expand his knowledge and skills whilst making significant contributions to the success of HD Drayage and Container Services, LLC

Keith’s wisdom & unique professional approach stems from providing excellent customer service and building customer loyalty over the years.

When not in the seat Mr. Keith enjoys time with his Family and Close Friends

Meet Shakiel Marlin from Metter, Ga

Shakiel has been driving for 4 years and when he is not in the seat Shakiel’s is on the Pond🎣🎣🎣 snatching lips🤣

Shakiel Marlin enjoys spending time with Family and Friends

Shakiel has been with the HDAY team for a year

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