The Best Rental Moving Truck Services in USA

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How to Hire a Moving Truck Rental Company?

Hiring a moving truck rental company can be a cumbersome job especially if you have to take a look at the variety of truck sizes. 

There are a lot of things you should look for in a moving truck rental company. For instance, you must take a look at the flexible cancellation policies, moving supplies and comprehensive coverage for a moving truck rental company.

Variety of Truck Sizes

Check out the amount, size and nature of goods before you decide the size of the rental truck.

Reliable Reservations

There are reliable reservations especially when you have to pick a moving truck rental company.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

There are flexible cancellation policies for a moving truck rental company. You can cancel the hiring process of rental moving trucks anytime.

Comprehensive Coverage

There is comprehensive coverage for a moving truck rental company.

Moving Supplies

You should also take a look at the packing equipment and moving supplies.

Add on Rental Trailers

There should be add on rentals like tow dollies and trailers. You can add trailers for rent, add merchandise for sale and offer other kinds of services. 

Add on Services like Loading Assistance

There are add-on services such as loading assistance and packing that can help with the rental moving truck service in the USA. 

Competitive Pricing

It is also important to do a competitive analysis for pricing of various rental services. Some companies that offer fewer rates do not give any goods safety guarantee or time guarantee. You can also include a better policy that can add in rates and give preference to low rates over good policies.

Good Customer Reviews

Check out the customer review section. The testimonials showcase how the product is and what are the bad aspects of the product. If there is any bad review then it helps understand what the customer wants and needs.

Best Moving Rental Companies

Here is a list of the best moving rental companies in the USA.

Budget Truck Rental

This truck rental company has locations all over the country. It offers all kinds of services that a moving truck company should. Unfortunately, Budget is outclassed by Penske in terms of truck rental sizes, long distance prices and customer satisfaction. The company gives customers bang for the buck which isn’t surprising for a company that has ‘budget’ in its name.

The pros of using a Budget rental company are that it offers best prices for local moves. There is also help for hire available. There are deals, discounts and low mileage rates available. In the cons section there are fewer locations than U haul. You will also find fewer truck options than the competitors. The customer reviews are not that honest.

With five different truck sizes, Budget like Penske has a small but satisfactory truck selection. The truck sizes range from a cargo van all the way up to a 26 foot box truck which is one of the biggest trucks offered by competitors.

It is a combination of low upfront costs that combine with cheap mileage rates which makes it the most affordable option, especially if you are moving under 100 miles and you need a large moving truck.

Enterprise Truck Rental

The car rental company from those Kristen Bell commercials, Enterprise also has the largest selection of moving trucks in the industry. The pros are that it has the largest assortment of moving trucks while the biggest downside is that the company only rents out moving trucks for local moves. There are low mileage rates and great customer reviews. There are high up front costs and fewer locations than most competitors.

While there are 14 vehicle sizes that range from pickup trucks to 26-foot box trucks that can rival any other company’s largest moving truck, Enterprise has the ideal truck size for your move no matter how much or how little stuff you are moving. Through the Enterprise diverse assortment of trucks, you can find the best size you need.

Home Depot Truck Rental

The way U Haul is used for moving rental trucks, Home Depot is used for home improvement. The company has the best recognition in the industry as it has locations all across the country and it offers all kinds of service you would expect. 

The company’s load and go rental trucks are great budget options for fast, local moves especially when there are unlimited miles. For long distance moving customers Home Depot can partner with the trucks which are rented directly from Penske.

U Haul

It is the most well-known moving truck company in the industry. It is in a lot of ways quite similar to DIY moving. However, the company doesn’t offer the best customer service or the best pricing for moving truck rentals. It outcompetes competitors in two ways: Through services and availability.

The pros of U Haul are that it is widely available with over 21000 locations. There are more size options available than Budget or Penske. 

Final Note

These were some of the best rental moving truck services in the US. Carefully consider all the aforementioned factors to pick the right moving truck rental company and streamline the entailing processes.

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