Step Deck Trucking Services

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Step Deck Trucking Services

What is Step Deck Trucking?

These step deck trailers can haul taller loads than the average flatbeds because of their 38-to-42-inch height. There is large equipment, building material and machinery that carries commodities for the step deck trailer.

Just like standard flatbeds, step deck trailers are a type of flatbed that features a rising step deck towards the front which sits above the tractor unit. It is used for hauling taller shipments that have become quite challenging when using other equipment. Step deck trailers allow cargo to sit down lower by avoiding height restrictions and eliminating the need to apply for permits. 

The single drop trailer features a main deck that allows for an extra 20 inches of space that accommodates heavy haul loading. When there is a double drop there is an even lower deck that steps up towards the rear. The lower deck reduces the center of gravity and assists in the stabilization of top-heavy loads. 

It also allows loads of 10 inches high without securing over-height permits. The step deck trailers come with retractable side curtain panels that help you to protect yourself from the elements of the climate. The step deck transportation not only reduces safety risks but also makes the process of loading and unloading a lot less cumbersome. As the trailers are located closer to the ground level, the forklift operators will have an easy time delivering the loads. Despite being a flatbed trailer, step decks are not really that expensive. They are best for carrying building materials in addition to the large equipment and machinery. 

Benefits of Step Deck Trucking

  • The step deck trucking services reduce safety risks because of easy loading techniques
  • It provides extended clearance for big equipment
  • They also provide easy adjustments for bulk cargo
  • Step deck trailers are equipped with straps and tarps that help easy shifting of heavy machinery
  • They haul similar freight as flatbeds but they also haul higher loads without additional load permits

Services of Step Deck Trucking

Despite being a specialized flatbed trailers, they are not typically more expensive. It is ideal for carrying building materials and machinery. The step deck trailers can help move the cargo that would push the regular flatbeds over height. The basic flatbed design that when combined with the lowboy trailer adds versatility to the conventional flatbed making step deck trucking ideal for specific kinds of freight.

Other Services

There are plenty of other step deck trucking services that we can look into: 

Less than Truckload Shipping

When there is a need to transport smaller quantities of freight from one to six pallets, there are companies that look for costs and achieve efficiencies. With lean inventories, sharp increases in e-commerce activities, and tightening capacities there is a high demand for less-than-truckload shipments that have surged to an all-time high. As it requires multiple stops and transfers less than truckload shipments, they can result in longer transit times. There is also a high risk of damage to the fragile cargo because of handling shipments that are transloaded between trailers at different terminals along the route.

Expedited Freight Shipping

The expedited shipping services have been specifically designed to streamline the shipping process and ensure that the goods are delivered quickly without ever compromising on the service. 

Sprinter Van Solutions

The Sprint van solutions are more expensive than the standard service. They are the best option when your cargo is particularly time-sensitive. The expedited shipping services provide dedicated sprinter van options for point-to-point delivery when the freight is considered urgent and time-sensitive. It is best suited for shorter distances, particularly last-mile logistics. The delivery times can also decrease from days to just a matter of hours. 

When you transport your cargo on a dedicated vehicle you can get more accurate pickup and delivery time. You can also handle both dry freight and perishable goods. We service any industry that requires quick delivery including companies that help replenish inventory. Hospitals also require emergency medical supplies and businesses are in urgent need of replacement parts. 

Let us take a look at the key benefits of step deck transportation.

Key Advantages of Step Deck Transportation

Past obliging more cargo, there are extra advantages for utilizing the administrations of step deck shipping organizations.

Level Grants

The essential justification behind the expanded interest for drop deck shipping organizations is that these trucks oblige tall burdens. Stunningly better, there’s a compelling reason to need to get a license. Thus, that paces up the general course of getting cargo conveyed.

More straightforward Stacking and Dumping

Like flatbeds, without entryways, a rooftop, or sides, it’s not difficult to stack and dump onto a stage down truck. One key contrast is that with the two decks of various levels, a forklift can deal with the stacking and dumping process. That takes out the need to utilize weighty cranes, which thus diminishes dangers.


Albeit different ventures benefit from utilizing the administrations of step deck shipping organizations, development depends the heaviest on this kind of freight transportation. Once more, with the novel deck plan, the trucks can deal with assorted types and sizes of hardware and material.

Final Note

We hope this detailed blog on step deck trucking can help you explore the services. Also, check out the best ways of step deck trucking services. You can also check out the various step deck trucking services on offer. There are also various advantages that you can look into before exploring the step deck trucking service in more detail.

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