Step Deck Trailer Transport Service

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There is a huge list of hauling vehicles that can be used for the transportation of cargo. But how do you select a suitable vehicle or service provider for your freight? 

When talking about freight transportation, you can opt for any option. There are different vehicles used for the transportation of a variety of products. That is the reason you can observe a number of vehicles on the roads, like flatbed trailers, tandem trailers, day vans, and step decks. But the selection of a suitable one is essential. 

The main thing that comes to mind before choosing the vehicle is the requirement of the client or the cargo you want to transport. The vehicle selection depends on the time limits, budget, and needs. 

The step deck trailer is best for you if you want to transport huge freight, as per the experts and professionals. Step deck trailers make it much easier than conventional flat deck trailers to transport large equipment of all different sizes and shapes. 

Many companies deliver step deck trailer transport services. H.D. Drayage and Container Services LLC is one of the town’s best and most trustworthy step deck trailer transport service providers. Well, here we have compiled a list of the advantages of step deck trailer transport services for you. Delve in to get the most out of this write-up. 

What is a step deck trailer?

There are no constricting sides, roofs, or doors on a step-deck trailer transport, which is a shipping platform. The term “step deck” refers to a semi-trailer with two deck levels: a higher deck that is close to the truck cab and a lower deck that is farther back. The front deck’s higher height is intended to safely clear a tractor’s edge, but it can also be lowered to aid in towing taller loads. The ability to tow a wide range of equipment with the same type of trailer is possibly the biggest benefit of using step deck trailer transport services.

Due to the step deck’s construction, tandem step deck trailers can transport a variety of machinery in a single shipment. Particularly for shipping construction equipment, step deck trailers are a good choice because even the most oddly shaped machinery can frequently be loaded safely, and multiple types of equipment can be transported simultaneously.

Using A step Deck Trailer Transport Services

You can choose between step deck trailers and other types of trailers depending on the size, weight, and dimensions of your load. To ensure that the load won’t exceed legal limits and necessitate a special permit, it is crucial to provide precise measurements of the item before you reserve step deck trailer transport services with a transport company. For instance, loads must be no wider than 8.5 feet, no taller than 14.5 feet, and no longer than 53 feet. Furthermore, the gross weight of the load must be less than 80,000 pounds. Some exceptions apply.

It may be necessary to obtain a permit for overweight or large loads, which could increase shipping costs and lengthen the shipping process. However, using a step deck trailer transport service might still be an option if the load falls within the maximum height restriction. In these situations, if one is available, a double-drop trailer might be a better choice.

Keep in mind that load measurements affect shipping costs as well. The weight, size, and distance of the load, as well as how much it will weigh, will largely determine how much it will cost to ship. The fuel price, the availability of trucks, and the suitability of trailers are additional considerations.

Benefits of step deck trailer transport services 

Step deck trailer transport services have the following advantages compared to standard flatbed trailers. The companies that provide services facilitate the clients with the following benefits.

Height Licenses

The ability to transport heavier loads without the need for additional permits is a significant benefit. Large cargo can be loaded onto step deck trailers at a lower level, circumventing height restrictions. You have a lot more options with a lower deck height of 41 inches.

Forklifts find it simpler. 

Step deck trailers are easier and safer for forklifts to load and unload because they are closer to the ground. Forklift operators will not need to lift their forks as high to pick up and unload a heavy load, which makes the process safer for everyone on the job.

Diverse Equipment 

The design makes it much simpler to transport larger cargo. The most frequent item to be transported on a step deck is construction equipment. Large pieces of machinery can be loaded and positioned easily on a tridem step deck trailer because it can carry up to 62,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds, respectively, of weight. We can assist if you need a shipping company to provide step deck trailer transport services to move a large load or sizable construction equipment. H.D. Drayage and Container Services LLC will review all the specifics of your load’s transportation while providing personalized quotes in just a few minutes. Contact H.D. Drayage and Container Services LLC if you want to reserve a step deck trailer transport service to haul your load or if you want to learn more about any of our other services.

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