Step Deck Dispatch Service

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Step Deck Dispatch is one of the specialized services the transportation sector offers to meet specific cargo needs. Step deck trailers, often referred to as drop deck or lowboy trailers, are made to haul huge or oddly shaped cargo that can’t fit on a typical flatbed trailer. 

These specialized trailers are coordinated, scheduled, and sent more efficiently via step deck dispatch services.

Transporting oversize and overweight goods is a big responsibility, and to keep your business afloat, you also need to cross organizational and logistical minefields.

You won’t be able to concentrate on getting this large step-deck or flatbed available loads where they need to be safely and on time if you spend a significant portion of your time sorting out other things.

Searching for and evaluating potential step-deck loads, negotiating prices and step-defreight rates, generating and completing all the paperwork required by regulations and industry practices, and monitoring for and ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and sector guidelines are all the responsibilities a step deck dispatch service can manage.

The Advantages of Step Deck Trailer Shipping

Large equipment available in various sizes and forms may be easily transported with step deck trailer haulage. Step deck trailers provide several important benefits.

Many organizations often use forklifts to load machinery. Forklift operators may load and unload goods without raising the forks as high since the step deck trailer platform is closer to the ground. Loading and unloading step deck trailers is safer for everyone involved.

Another big advantage of using step deck trailers for the transportation of machinery. Before requiring a height permit, the lower deck height may handle up to 41″ more cargo height than a flatbed trailer.

The shipment may comply with federal shipping and transit standards without additional documentation or delays by placing large goods closer to the ground. When towing a step deck trailer, you can move anything up to 11 feet tall, but flatbed trailers can only pull objects up to 8 feet tall.

How Many Step Deck Trailer Haulage Types Are There?

You could run into several trailer brands when looking for the best step deck trailer for your shipping company. Step deck trailers can have a single drop deck, double drop deck, detachable or flatbed, extended single drop deck, or extended double drop deck. Which step deck towing trailer suits your items depends on their size and weight.

Weight Carrying Capacity of Step Deck Trailer Haul?

A step deck’s usual authorized weight limit is 48,000 lbs. Step deck caravan towing is another option for moving cargo that meets the maximum dimensions. If using an extended caravan, the size must be between 10 and 11 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide.

Understanding Step Deck Dispatch Service

Step deck trailers are managed and organized by the step deck dispatch service for the transportation of bulky, heavy, or asymmetrical cargo. With a lower deck part (the “step”) that enables the loading and unloading of larger or taller-than-standard freight, these trailers stand out for their distinctive design. Thanks to the dispatch service, step deck trailers are efficiently assigned, sent, and tracked throughout the transportation process.

Step Deck Dispatch service’s main goal is to make moving big and specialized freight that needs step deck trailers easier.

Step deck trailers are efficiently managed and delivered, thanks to this service. The service providers optimize their usage of these specialized trailers and save downtime by coordinating their availability, maintenance, and use.

Coordination of the collection, delivery, and routing of enormous or unusually shaped cargo is the responsibility of step deck dispatchers. They ensure the proper step deck trailer is assigned, considering the cargo’s size, weight, and other requirements.

Step deck dispatchers ensure that essential licenses, permits, and rules are followed when moving huge cargo. To ensure compliance and maintain safety standards throughout the transportation process, they know state and federal requirements involving height, width, and weight constraints.

The dispatch service plans and sends out step deck trailers promptly to fulfill delivery dates. The service providers aid in ensuring the timely delivery of specialized goods by skillfully handling logistics, organizing routes, and addressing any possible difficulties.

Best Step Deck Dispatch Service Providers in the US

While many businesses provide Step Deck Dispatch services in the US, the following are some of the noteworthy suppliers:

ATS Specialized, Inc.: ATS Specialized offers leading step deck dispatching services. They specialize in moving enormous and heavy items thanks to their large fleet of step deck trailers and reliable network of drivers. Their skilled dispatch staff ensures that specialized cargoes are coordinated effectively and delivered on schedule.

Landstar System, Inc.: Step deck dispatch is one of the several transportation services provided by Landstar System, Inc. They can meet enormous freight requirements thanks to their sizable network of independent agents and capacity suppliers. Their cutting-edge technological platform enables effective cargo delivery and real-time tracking.

Bennett Motor Express, LLC: Known for its competence in step deck dispatch, Bennett Motor Express is a well-known transportation provider. They provide specialized services for large, heavy, and asymmetrical cargo. Their dispatch staff ensures that everything is planned carefully, that the routes are optimized, and that all rules are followed.

Mercer Transportation Co.: Mercer Transportation provides services to various sectors and is an expert in step deck dispatch. They offer customized transportation solutions for big and irregular goods that guarantee effective dispatch and on-time delivery. Their vast fleet and skilled dispatchers aid their track record as dependable service providers.


Step Deck Dispatch service is essential for organizing and coordinating specialized step deck trailers to move big, irregularly shaped freight. 

Step Deck Dispatch service providers aid in efficiently and securely transporting specialized goods by skillfully handling equipment, planning loads, guaranteeing compliance, and permitting prompt delivery. 

Businesses may depend on these service providers for their step deck dispatch requirements in the United States since reputable organizations like HD Drayage, ATS Specialized, Landstar System, Bennett Motor Express, and Mercer Transportation provide trustworthy services.

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