Auto Transport & Car Shipping

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Car shipping, also known as auto transport, is transporting a car from one area to another using a specialized trailer. Auto transport is helpful for both personal vehicle shipments and corporations that need to ship commercial autos in bulk. 

For safe carrying and delivery, every company that provides car shipping should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Generally, there are two methods of auto delivery;

  • Door-to-door car transport

Movers can pick up and deliver the vehicles anywhere, including your office or home. This service provides convenience to people who don’t often ship their cars, and don’t want to get caught up in the conventional complex shipping methods.

  • Terminal-to-terminal auto transport

Also known as dock-to-dock car shipping, means your vehicle is picked up and brought to a terminal, or auto storage facility, near you. It may be ideal if you are considering a long-distance transfer. 

This service enables flexible drop-off and storage before and after shipment. It is appropriate if tight turns, low-hanging trees, speed bumps, or narrow spaces constrain your home.

Types of Car shipping

The ideal mode of transportation for car shipping is determined by the weight, size, and quantity of vehicles being delivered. There are two sorts of car shipping services offered.

Open car transport

It is the most commonly used method, also known as open-air car transport. It is ideal for shipping a single vehicle or transporting many vehicles due to the range of trailer types available. It is economical but slower than Enclosed shipping.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed transportation is a fantastic option for luxury or vintage cars. It is also faster but more expensive compared to open-car transport. It is often suggested for the transportation of high-value vehicles to protect the car from dust, debris, and weather.

Identifying a reliable car shipping company

Your vehicle is valuable, and you require a reputable shipping firm with the necessary competence. You may find various auto transport businesses when you search online, but you may need help choosing the best one. Plan your car shipping early so you may evaluate different options.

There are numerous characteristics to look for in a car shipping company. But, if a company doesn’t meet the below criteria, eliminate it.

  • Low cost: 

Take the time to evaluate multiple quotations to avoid overpaying. However, be wary of pricing that appears too good to be true.

  • Extensive experience:

 In the vehicle transport industry, longevity is a significant trust indicator. Thus, it is strongly recommended to look for a car shipping company that has been operating for a while.

  • Extra insurance: 

Accidents are uncommon, yet anything may happen in logistics. The top auto shipping firms will provide more than just a basic insurance policy.

  • Customer feedback: 

Take customer evaluations very seriously. They may be subjective, but it is highly recommended to select a shipping provider with at least 4.6 out of 5 stars on well-trusted review sites.

  • Guaranteed quotes: 

Car transportation prices frequently increase by roughly 25% between the initial estimate and the final amount. Consider it a red sign if a company guarantees even a fraction of your shipping quote.

How to receive an accurate car shipping price?

Here are examples of the information you will need to enter to receive an accurate car shipping price.

  • Location of pickup and drop-off
  • Make, model, size, color, and estimated car value.
  • Mode of transportation preferred (open-air or enclosed)
  • Service type (expedited or standard)

Pros of car shipping services

These are some of the advantages of exporting a car with a reputable company:

  • Reliable
  • inexpensive
  • completely insured
  • minimal driving distance
  • saves time
  • moves many vehicles
  • Stress-free auto transport

Factors affecting auto transport price

The cost of shipping a vehicle varies depending on several factors. Shipping an automobile from one city to another might cost between $400 and $1200. The following factors may influence the price of transporting your car:

  • Preference for delivery
  • Shipping alternatives
  • Type and condition of the vehicle
  • Location and distance
  • Season of the year

Preparing your car for transport

Shipping an automobile entails more than simply hiring a professional. You must prepare your car ahead of time so that it is ready to transport and does not create any delays in transportation. We’ll review some of the things you need to do before the pickup day below.

  • Ensure your vehicle is ready for travel seven days before the scheduled pickup date.
  • Take your personal belongings with you, as many companies don’t allow their transportation.
  • Clean your automobile for easy inspection. It is necessary so that any new dents and scratches can be noted on the Bill of Lading.
  • Check that the emergency brakes are in working order to avoid fatal accidents.
  • Repair any cracked windows to prevent shattered windows in the worst-case scenarios.

What exactly is a Bill of Lading?

A bill of lading, also known as a BOL or B.O.L, is a legal contract between you and the car shipping firm you use. Before shipment, the law requires the auto transport firm to prepare a bill of lading. A copy must be given to the shipper and the freight driver.

It serves as both a receipt and a record. The shipper will require the BOL to accept the vehicle at the opposite end of the trip. If something goes wrong, insurance firms will need a bill of lading. The BOLs will be compared to the actual contents of open and closed carriers during on-the-road inspections.

These six pieces of information must be included on every bill of lading.

  1. Transportation Company and Driver Information
  2. Information on Pickup and Delivery
  3. General vehicle Specifications
  4. Car Condition
  5. Any Terms and Conditions
  6. Signature of the driver and shipper


Car transportation services are beneficial not only to your vehicle but also to you. If you require auto shipping services, whether you’re a dealership, a corporation, or an individual, you should never hesitate to call the professionals. Your car will arrive at your desired location in good condition and on time at a reasonable price. You may relax while waiting for your vehicle to be delivered to Atlanta or Houston across the country. Multiple automobiles can also be transported on a single journey.

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